The Opportunity

Millions of eligible claimants lose out on billions of dollars in settlement awards — simply because they fail to file.
We make it easy for businesses and consumers to Collect with our unique, secure proprietary software.

Our Mission

We believe everyone should collect the funds they’re entitled to. They should be aware and able to understand the potential value while having access to technology that helps collect capital efficiently.


We’ve made it our mission to build a simple, comprehensive solution that brings value to our clients. Collectively, our technology, is simple and different from the competition. Our platform creates unique capital recovery benefits and provides additional cost advantages to our clients.


Since 2010, over $50 billion in settlement funds has been set aside.



Of eligible business claimants don't file to recover money

Of eligible consumer claimants don't file to recover money*

Lack of Awareness • Underestimate Perceived Value

Complexity • Burden on Internal Resources

Why claimants don't participate:

*Fairness and Litigation Act of 2017

What we do

We deliver specific expertise focused on one thing – capital recovery.


you with new
settlements that you
could be eligible for.


on your behalf
and keep you updated
every step of the way.


the money
you’re entitled to.


About Us

Our platform will transform the capital recovery industry.  It creates awareness, provides valuable insight and offers recommendations so companies can more efficiently collect funds they're entitled to.
We provide a complete solution to ensure clients are able to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and maximize collected funds.  We monitor antitrust and class action settlements that clients are eligible for and perform the necessary work to collect. Our approach and our interests are always aligned with our client's needs. We work to minimize in-house client resources required for capital recovery with technology, efficiency and clear communication.


Manor Capital Recovery

Manor Ventures owns and operates Manor Capital Recovery, a contingent claims filing business


Collectively enables our transition from a single revenue channel claims filing business to a multi-revenue channel SaaS provider




Our Team


Greg Smith, CTO

Greg Smith is a proven technology executive who thinks like a CEO. Overseeing overall IT direction, operational processes, and technology choices, Greg brings disciplined execution along with the ability to keep our team laser focused on the tasks that will have the biggest impact for our clients.

Louis Teplis, Founder and CEO

Louis brings a unique balance of more than 20 years of investment and professional services operational experience to Manor Ventures (MV). He has a practiced hand at coordinating business development and operational efforts to ensure professional service, competitive offerings and measurable results for clients.

Keith Heffron, CFO

Keith Heffron is an innovative financial leader, business owner and transformative CFO who specializes in scaling emerging technology companies by building and refining financial plans and departments. He has experience in companies from start-ups to over $3B in revenue.

Our Advisors 
Manor Ventures has recruited a team of top advisers to serve on our Advisory Board. These experts are leaders in execution, procurement, strategy and help guide our success.


Contact Us

Manor Ventures LLC.
2870 Peachtree Rd, Ste 261
Atlanta, GA 30305

P: (404) 267 1352


2870 Peachtree Rd, Ste 261 • Atlanta, GA 30305 • P: (404) 267 1352

Manor Ventures is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. Manor Ventures is not associated with the class administrator, the court, class counsel or any other official parties. You do not have to hire a third-party claims consultant and are entitled to file your claim on your own without incurring any fee. For The Payment Card Settlement: On January 24, 2019, the Court granted preliminary approval to the proposed settlement. No claim forms are available and no claims-filing deadline exists, at this time. Class members are not required to sign up for a third-party service in order to participate in any monetary relief. No-cost assistance will be available from the Class Administrator and Class Counsel during the claims-filing period. Additional information is available at www.paymentcardsettlement.com, the Court-approved website for this case.